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Iza Bartosiewicz iza.bartosiewicz at rmit.edu.au
Mon Jan 13 23:14:22 PST 2014

>I have a colleague who is creating content using Captivate and Presenter

and is looking for any words of wisdom from others who have used them in
terms of creating accessible output. If you have recent experience with
either of these products and any suggestions, I'd appreciate your thoughts.
Off list is fine.

Thank you!



Hi Melanie,

Your comment was well timed, because I'm also keen on hearing from people
who have created Captivate presentations and tested them successfully for

I'm putting together an accessibility best practice guide for Captivate 7;
however, I'm not an experienced user of Captivate, so I'm worried that I
may be missing something important.

Here are the links I've collected so far:

Adobe Captivate Accessibility

Adobe Captivate Accessibility FAQ

Enhanced accessibility support (video)

Captivate guide (UTAS)

Lodestone: Captivate 6 Characters, Text to Speech, and Captioning (still
useful, even if it is for version 6).

Captivate Accessibility Hints

Guide to Screencasting (by Laurier Library - covers v. 4, but is the most
comprehensive out of the lot)

All of these resources (except for the last one) focus on Captivate
features and leave out other important a11y considerations, such as plain
language, colours, contrast, timing, font size and creating accessible
links to videos. So far I haven't found any comprehensive and up to date
guides, so I'm writing one. It is not ready yet, but I'm happy to share the
draft with anyone interested. I will also appreciate any suggestions for


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