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Amy Beth Netzel abnetzel at waketech.edu
Fri Jan 17 10:15:01 PST 2014


I'm reaching out to the Athens listserv as well as the Buffalo listserv to seek your input.
About a week and a half ago, I saw on an accessibility listserv (not sure which one it was) that there might be some keyboard accessibility issues in YouTube, namely the inability to toggle captions on and off. I didn't see anything else mentioned about it since then, so I decided to research the issue a little to learn more about the situation.

It appears as though using Tab to try to move the focus to the Closed-Caption icon produces unreliable results (in most cases, the focus skips the icon altogether or skips over the viewer, in general). Unfortunately, YouTube does not have a specific keyboard shortcut for toggling the captions on and off.

I'm approaching the listservs to see if there's been any more word regarding this issue and how it impacts post-secondary course content that is posted and delivered via YouTube. I've also sent a message to Google's Accessibility Board to let them know how this poses a problem for viewers with hearing disabilities who also have mobility restrictions and are unable to use a mouse to click the icon.


Thank you,

Amy Netzel

Accessibility Technologist
Wake Technical Community College
Raleigh, NC
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