[Athen] Chafee Amendment and dramatic works (plays)

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Thank you for the info, Ron. I did find one collection on Gutenberg. Other plays are more recent and I thought they would present a problem since they are still under copyright, but after doing a search, there are sources for electronic versions of the plays.


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Yes Chaffee specifically excludes dramatic works. We always just processed them as we do any other materials but have found that a lot of the older ones are available in digital form. I would try project Gutenberg first.

Ron Stewart

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Dear Colleagues,

I have a question about obtaining plays in alternative formats (specifically PDF) for a visually impaired student enrolled in an Acting class. My understanding is that plays are exempted under the Chafee Amendment from being converted into alternative formats. So have any of you had to obtain alternative formats of plays for your students, and how did you go about doing this?

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