[Athen] Help for a student with Cerebral Palsy and her writing

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We are working with a new student who cannot write nor use a keyboard, and her voice is not very functional for using " Naturally Speaking", due to her Cerebral Palsy. What computer input devices have you found to work well in this type of situation. I am looking for recommendations.

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A colleague and I played with the Livescribe 3 pen for a short time when it first was released a few months ago. Very cool potential and it had decent recognition for handwriting for the mobile device.

That said, we have not had the best success with the SmartPen 3 in an academic setting. The audio recording functionality is the mobile device itself (iPhone, iPad, etc.), so the capability is dependent on that device. Additionally, we had situations where the pen and mobile device became disconnected (i.e., no longer sync'ed) in the middle of a recording session resulting in a loss of notes. It was not clear if the app crashed or if it was between the pen and the device. Finally, the pen and device stopped functioning completely and we had to return the pen. It would not be a pleasant experience for a student.

There is a new Livescribe+ app update now available, but we went back to the Echo pens. Fewer things to go wrong in the middle of a lecture.

Here are a few options to consider:

MyScript Memo (Free)
Has good reviews

WritePad ($4.99)
Reviews are average at best

Penultimate from Evernote
Has good reviews

Penultimate is a REALLY nice app, but it does require Evernote sync'ing to get the handwriting recognition. I am not sure how well it would work for an iPhone. It works well for the iPad as there is a larger screen for writing.

Take care,

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The only thing I've seen promising is the Livescribe+ App, but it means having to purchase a Livescribe SmartPen 3.


Check out the video. It's pretty informative.

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Has anyone found a good handwriting recognition app for the iPhone? We have a student who needs to be able to write the information, but then have it change to text.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


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