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Happy to talk to you about it, Wink.

(And, just FYI, Sean only “predated” me at the HTCTU by a couple of months. ;-)


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James Bailey would be a good person to talk to he was working in the area at the time and also knew Carl Brown. Also perhaps Sean Keegan. His time at the HTCTU predates Gaeir's.

The Tech Act projects were designed to just this thing, but where never adequately funded. There are also some good models in the K-12 system but they are K-12 only.

The funding challenge is going to be what target population will you serve, if it is all then you are going to have to figure out the political conflicts and the conflicts inherent in the various laws that govern public funding streams. Private public partnership would be the way to go in my mind.

Interesting concept, one many have tried, including me within the educational space. Let's keep the conversation going.

Ron Stewart

On Thursday, July 3, 2014, Wink Harner <foreigntype at gmail.com> wrote:

Wouldn't that be wonderful! I'm sure Gaier can share how the High Tech center came into being. It's highly probable "we" (in the field) could write/apply for a grant to get it started.


Wink Harner

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Wink Harner

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