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Russell Solowoniuk SolowoniukR at macewan.ca
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Hi Elizabeth,

If you open Jaws, under the "Help" menu there are training materials there. I don't know how much they have on using Excel. I know they do have some info on how to name cells so that Jaws will read column and row headers. Also, under the help menu in Jaws, you can go to "Jaws Help Topics". From there there is a section on using Jaws with popular applications, and Excel is one of the applications,.

You may have already looked at the above resources, but, if you haven't, they may be worth checking out.

As a Jaws user, I can tell you that Excel 2010 is quite accessible with Jaws.



>>> "Prickett, Elizabeth" <Elizabeth.Prickett at victoriacollege.edu> 7/17/2014 7:35 AM >>>

Good morning!

We just found out that we have a student who is blind who is planning on taking an Excel 2010 course next month. I've not met the student yet, but our disability advisor reports that she is a Braille and JAWS user. However, it sounds like she is not very proficient with JAWS or any other technology.

I have a good many resources on how to create more accessible Excel 2010 spreadsheets as well as a list of keystrokes. I'm wondering if anyone has advice that I could pass along to the instructor on how to teach Excel with a student who is blind in the class? Or, do you have any ideas that I could pass along to the student on how to get more familiar with JAWS and Excel? I know that Freedom Scientific usually has some training materials online, but I haven't been able to locate what I was looking for yet.

I'm not sure what version of JAWS the student has on her personal computer, but she'll be using JAWS 14 in the computer classroom.

Thanks so much for any insight you may have! Have a wonderful weekend,

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