[Athen] MathType/MathML questions

Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at Colorado.EDU
Wed Jul 23 07:02:57 PDT 2014

Does this work for higher-level math? That is what we're dealing with, and none of us are content experts so I doubt we could write the alt text needed and make it right. That is why we are using MathType in the first place.

Susan Kelmer
Alternate Format Coordinator
Disability Services
University of Colorado

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Susan, there is a simpler and, in many respects, better solution that might interest you. Download
and have a look at the three Word files in it. They are identical except for the MathType alt text. One has alt text as words (eg a x squared plus b x plus c equals 0), the other two have Nemeth in the alt text, one using ASCII font, and the other using Unicode font. The alt text is accessible with all screen readers. If your student reads with a braille display, this is a much better solution than MathPage, because it is braille. And of course, it is also the original Word document, so your footers and headers are thre.

These were created using my new LEAN Math application. You can have the application, now in late beta, if you wish.


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Subject: [Athen] MathType/MathML questions

We are getting a lot of requests for math of late, and this has not been our strong point in production. So, we're still in a bit of a learning mode. We've discovered a few things, and need some help.

When converting to MathPage after editing our Word document using MathType, we are finding two problems:

a. We put page number in the header section of word documents as a matter of routine. The page numbers disappear in the finalized document, and we're not sure why.

b. If we have footnotes (we use the footnote function in Word to create them), the output to MathPage fails.

None of us working on conversions (me or my student staff) are "math people," so we are doing some struggling but making our way through. If someone could help us with these two issues, we'd be grateful!

Susan Kelmer
Alternate Format Coordinator
Disability Services
University of Colorado

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