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Well I have grown much less enamored with the Infty folks today. The new
demo version is now limited to one page at a time and no more than five
pages a day, there is now no way to do an effective evaluation of this
software given the complexity of the type of content you would normally run
through it and for most institutions the number of times you would actually
use it. They are also no longer bundling Infty Editor in the base package,
which I found out very rudely today. The previous demo was for 15 days and
that is usually enough time to see if it meets your needs, your staff have
the necessary skill set, and that it plays nice with the other software on
your computers.

I am very fond of Infty, when we introduced it into our production process
at my former university it halved our production values but now it is a
really hard sell to convince a client institution to spend the $1100+ on a
piece of software that will most likely be used very rarely given the level
of STEM production on most campuses today.

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