[Athen] JAWS and Canvas

John Paul Harris harris_jp at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 5 11:27:40 PDT 2014

For those of you who are interested, you can sign up for a free Canvas
account and test at https://canvas.test.instructure.com/login.

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Hi Robert,

I have tested Canvas primarily with NVDA. It falls in the category of
accessible, but not fully 'simple and intuitive' for a screenreader user.
In Canvas most everything is structured as a list. I can navigate with the
"l" key to move from list to list. On the Canvas landing page, this is the
best way to get to the link for Discussions. The actual discussion page
includes a large list to contain the discussion items. The discussion items
are links within a list. The list is usually very large, because every
discussion item has 3 associated links. At this point I use the Tab key to
move to discussion items.

Our Canvas setup includes a nice "skip to content" link on every page that
will take you directly to the main list for the page. Using the "skip to
content" link navigating to the discussion list is one-click. I thought the
"skip to content" link was a feature in all Canvas installations. We did
work with IT to modify our Canvas installation. So, the student's
experience might be different. However, hopefully the suggestions work.


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Hi all,

I don't have access to Canvas to test, but I received a question from
another list. A student is having difficulties with the discussion boards.
Any tips?

Robert Lee Beach

Assistive Technology Specialist

Kansas City Kansas Community College

7250 State Avenue

Kansas City, KS 66112


rbeach at kckcc.edu <mailto:rbeach at kckcc.edu>

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