[Athen] Biology Diagrams in distance education class

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Hi Lorraine,

Others are suggesting good ideas for technologies to use to provide description and/or tactile graphics. If you or your staff will be writing the descriptions and haven't done much of that before, you might be interested in our guidelines for STEM image description. Tactile graphics may be a good solution, depending on the images and the student, but the research that led to these guidelines found they were less useful than the blind participants expected them to be. A well structured description can be very effective, but it takes time and expertise to write it.

Effective Practices for Description of Science Content within Digital Talking Books

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Subject: [Athen] Biology Diagrams in distance education class

We have a blind student in a distance education program who has to take a Biology class. The class is 7 weeks with a lot of diagrams embedded in the distance education blackboard course. She does not have good tactile ability and relies on information being verbally described.
Any ides, thoughts on how to make this work would be helpful
Sorry about cross posting

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