[Athen] Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners

Jennifer Sutton jsuttondc at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 17:18:37 PDT 2014


I'm reposting this message that Jared Smith recently posted to the WebAIM list.

My hope is that this survey will receive a significant number of
responses, so please share it with others.

Thank you in advance.


If you do web accessibility, whether a little or a lot, we invite you
to take a few minutes and complete this important survey -

The responses will help inform the web accessibility community and
will give us a better insight into the opinions and demographics of
people working in this field. We'd like to get a broad response,
especially from folks that do web accessibility as a smaller part of
their role (e.g., folks that are not probably subscribed to this
list), so please share in other places you think relevant.

We'll be publishing the aggregate results publicly in a couple months.


Jared Smith

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