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Hi Krista,

I am interested in how you were able to get Balabolka or the Central Access Reader to read a Kindle book using the Kindle for PC application. I have not found a Kindle option for Balabolka and have found the Central Access Reader (CAR) to only use DOCX files for reading. Did you copy/paste the text out of the Kindle book and into another format?


Take care,

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> I had a similar situation with a student this week. They wanted to be able to use TTS with the Kindle books they purchased. They have the Kindle to PC w/ Accessibility Plug in software on their Windows computer. I tested and was able to get Natural Reader, Balabolka and CAR (Central Access Reader) to read the Kindle book in the Kindle to PC software. The student doesn't want to have to learn how to use a screen reader (VoiceOver or NVDA) as they are sighted and find the additional navigation cues annoying. Thankfully, using Kindle books in this manner prevented the student from having to learn how to use another piece of software as the 3 TTS engines worked for me.


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> Hi out there in ATHEN-Land,


> Anyone have any first-hand experience with the use of screen readers or TTS readers with online textbook sources such as:

> - Chegg

> - CourseSmart

> - GooglePlay-

> - Kindle

> - Kno

> - Vital Source


> Publisher denied a PDF file and suggested the student purchase one of the electronic versions of the requested book from the sources (above). Student’s preference is PDF, but if he can get the file to read aloud, he may be OK. I have asked him for his preference.


> What experience do any of you have in the TTS capabilities on any of those e-book sources listed?


> Let me know!


> Thanks in advance for your collective knowledge.


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