[Athen] recommendations for tool compatible with screenreader for creating screencasts

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I often have a need to get screen shots of this or that to include in
some of what I do online. There are tools that I can use with JAWS. I
can navigate the controls and get something saved.
The problem, being unable to see the actual screen I'm not sure what
is being captured. JAWS often transforms the screen into a virtual
replica and then I'm never sure what will be captured. And then, of
course, I can't evaluate what got captured or know its quality.

I can do it, but I'm not totally sure of what I am capturing or of
what I actually captured. I find I have a colleague with sight to
actually make the capture.

I have used a utility which lets me save a sequence of PowerPoint
slides and simultaneously record audio to go with it. In that I made
the PowerPoint, I have a fair idea of what the end result will be
like, but when it comes to capturing something done by soneone else
I'm never totally certain of it.

Hopefully someone will have a better solution so I can learn too.

At 09:24 AM 5/13/2014, you wrote:

>I'm working with a blind student who wants to develop an online

>course. This will require the creation of screencasts. I would guess

>using PowerPoint with the built in recording function would be the

>method most compatible and feasible with a screenreader. Does anyone

>else have experience with this or recommendations?








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