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With patience, Dragon can be trained to understand most speech patterns-as
long as they are consistent-and if that were the only issue, you are doing
all the right things. If the individual's speech is not consistent, however,
it is pretty much impossible for the current versions of Dragon to learn to
recognize that person's speech accurately.

In the case of inconsistent speech, the best option is to look for one of
the really old versions of Dragon Dictate. The original version was much
more forgiving of inconsistent speech and will sometimes work when the newer
versions fail. Please note that in order to run the older version, you will
have to use compatibility mode in Windows.


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Hello all,

I'm working with a student with cerebral palsy who has both motor and speech
impairments. He's very motivated to try Dragon, but I'm finding that the
program is having a lot of difficulty understanding and dictating his
speech. When setting up his voice profile, we had to use the "training
without prompts" option due to his speech. We've also tried training words
and phrases in the Vocabulary tool, and correcting mistakes with the
correction options, but Dragon continues to inaccurately dictate most
words/phrases he says, even after they have been trained and corrected.

Does anyone have any tips or strategies that have worked for students with
similar situations to increase the accuracy of Dragon? He is able to use a
head set microphone (we're using a Cyber Acoustics brand.), and he is using
Dragon 12 Professional for Windows.

Thanks for any recommendations!



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