[Athen] Using Voice to Input LaTex

Alexa Schriempf ats169 at psu.edu
Fri Oct 17 12:08:05 PDT 2014

Hi All,

I have an engineering graduate student with limited mobility who uses
Dragon and PC. LaTex is how his field authors math.

He is trying very hard but unsucessfully to implement the method described
in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwQlY2XNCLU

I am looking for two things: 1) Any tips on how to recreate the method in
the video successfully? and/or 2) Anyone know of math speech recognition
that will take spoken math and render it in LaTex -- for example, one would
voice in MathSpeak (http://www.gh-mathspeak.com/), and speech recognition
engine would produce LaTex? (Or even the graphic math).

Thanks in advance,

Alexa Schriempf, PhD
Access Tech Consultant
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