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Hello Heidi,
I'd encourage you to consider WeBWorK as well. Here is a 17 minute video
<http://youtu.be/pfY5eUYyY24>we put together to share the AHEAD conference
this last summer. It provides an overview of the features we have found
really important - I think the video does a pretty good job, but I'll be
happy to expand if there are questions.

Also, I should mention that the faculty member who created the video is
Alex Jordan from here at PCC, and he will be presenting on WeBWorK at
Higher Ground as well.

Hope this helps!

Kaela Parks, Director
Disability Services
Portland Community College
971-722-4868 kaela.parks at pcc.edu

On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 5:32 PM, Heidi Scher <hascherdss at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello fellow ATHENians!


> Our math department is currently shopping for a new math content

> managemnet system. Currently they are using Pearson's MyLabsPlus. But

> before I jump for joy, I'd like to find out if anyone can give me

> accessibility feedback on these systems:


> Hawkes Learning Systems

> Cengage WebAssign

> McGraw Hill Alek



> If anyone has any suggestions regarding other systems that should be

> considered, PLEASE send me the information as to the system and reasons it

> should be considered.


> THANKS one and all!


> Hope to see you at Accessing Higher Ground next month!


> Heidi


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