[Athen] QTI 2.2 specification, MathML, and drop down interactions

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Hi Madeline,

Thanks - I will check out that forum.

Take care,

On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 6:31 AM, Madeleine Rothberg <
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> Sean,


> It sounds like you found an interesting bug — maybe in QTI or maybe in the

> component coding or the browser you are using. You may find people who can

> help answer your question in the IMS forum for QTI:



> http://www.imsglobal.org/forums/ims-glc-public-forums-and-resources/question-test-interoperability-public-forum


> -Madeleine


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> Subject: [Athen] QTI 2.2 specification, MathML, and drop down interactions


> Hello,


> I have an assessment application that developers are building according to

> the QTI 2.2 specification. One of the interaction types is that of a

> dropdown choice (like a <select> menu) but implemented using

> Angular-Bootstrap. It is based off the following:

> https://angular-ui.github.io/bootstrap/#/dropdown


> As an example - there could be a sentence with a word missing and the

> dropdown menu would offer several choices so as to complete the sentence.


> While this interaction type can be made accessible and works fine for text

> content, it fails when MathML is used to present any math content. Visually

> the math is presented, but the MathML content cannot be read by any

> assistive technologies. In fact, interacting with this component from the

> keyboard becomes problematic if any AT is running at the time.


> As part of the IMS QTI 2.2 specification, MathML is "approved" for use in

> certain interaction types, one being InlineChoiceGroup in which the

> dropdown interaction is used. We have AT that supports MathML and yet by

> following the IMS QTI 2.2 specification, that content is no longer

> communicated to the user.


> I have been reviewing the Accessible Portable Item Protocol and best

> practices, but this points to the QTI 2.1 specification and does not appear

> to provide any direction as to how to resolve such an issue.


> Looking for suggestions from anyone who has any experience with these

> specifications.


> Take care,

> Sean



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