[Athen] Touch Up Reading Order issue on Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adam Kosakowski kosakowskia at wcsu.edu
Thu Dec 10 09:57:49 PST 2015

Hello again!

Sorry I didn't get back to you all sooner, it's almost finals weeks and we all know how that is! I found out the document was originally from a survey site, I forgot which one. Regardless, when it produced a PDF version of the survey it created all that garbled stuff to go along with it. I told the director I was having trouble making it accessible and she said "Oh! No need to, it's from the survey site." So I ended up wasting some time, but it ended up being a learning experience! Thanks for all your input, I learned a lot. Lately I've been learning a lot about Acrobat Pro, so this has been a good semester!

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