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We are moving to VoiceThread to replace the Blackboard (Collaborate, used to be Wimba) Voice Tools starting in January. The end-of-life for BB Collaborate Voice Tools (according to our blackboard rep) is Aug 2016. We were exploring how the caption upload worked last week and could not find how to upload a transcript if someone has audio-only content. Have you found that out? Has anyone created guides or tutorials you would be willing to share? If not, I will be making some in the spring and will post back to the list.

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At Temple we are currently working through an evaluation for usage strategy of VoiceThread. Our current proposed direction is that any student that contributes to a thread via audio or video will need to (at minimum) provide a synopsis of the content covered in their audio comments immediately after their post. (we are also hoping to get on VoiceThread’s radar for a feature request that would prompt for this synopsis immediately upon posting any media file)

We’re concerned that waiting for a file to be captioned would potentially leave a deaf student out of an active/live discussion.

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Good afternoon & apologies for the cross-post~

A student who is deaf is enrolled in a graduate level Managing Information and Technology course and they use VoiceThread to facilitate online discussions. Students may choose to participate using video, audio only, or text only. The professor intends to provide feedback to the students using text.

The student knows ASL, but what I'm concerned about is how we're going to make the other students responses accessible in a timely and equitable manner. I don't believe any of the other students know ASL, and if they choose to create video or audio discussion, I'm not sure how to go about providing access.

Apparently, you can add captions to VoiceThread files<https://voicethread.com/howto/closed-captioning/>, but is this something we should ask the students (in the class) to provide or should our office provide it as soon as possible after something has been posted? I'm talking to the professor on Tuesday, so maybe that will give me a better idea on the expected student response turnaround time.

I sincerely appreciate any advice or recommendations.

Thank you,


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