[Athen] Fwd: FW: For the pre-alpha: Heartbeat accessibility testing — we need VoiceOver, Braille, and switch users

Lisa Brandt lisa.brandt1 at pcc.edu
Thu Feb 5 12:36:18 PST 2015

(See https://ind.ie/about/vision/ for information about Heartbeat.)

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Hello everyone,

I have a quick request to share with you from the private pre-alpha:

I’m working this week on the initial accessibility features in the setup
flow for Heartbeat and we’d love to have some VoiceOver, Braille, and
switch users to start testing with. If any of you use these assistive
devices (or others), please let us know.

I’ve initially sent this request, of course, to our pre-alpha list but that
is a very small sample so I’m also emailing you on the main mailing list
and will be asking on Twitter to see if there are any assistive device
users there who want to take part in the pre-alpha.

Also, if you have any friends who use assistive devices and are running OS
X Yosemite, it would be wonderful to invite them to the pre-alpha so we can
get their feedback. (If you know of anyone in Brighton, in the UK, that
would be doubly awesome as we could test in-person.)

Accessibility is not separate to design, it’s a core element. It’s also a
core tenet of the Ind.ie manifesto
The superlative built-in accessibility support in OS X is one of the major
reasons why we chose it as our reference platform.

I appreciate any help you can provide in making sure that Heartbeat is
accessible to as many people as possible.

[image: Aral]

*Founder and Lead Designer, ind.ie <http://ind.ie>*

PS. If you ever want to get in touch with us, just email hello at ind.ie. (And
don’t forget to follow @indie
for smaller, more frequent updates and related news.) :)

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Lisa Brandt, PCC Disability Services
Accessibility Technician
Alternate Media Formats Technician
SY CC 260
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