[Athen] testing with JAWS & NVDA

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In our experience, JAWS support for firefox is not full-featured like it’s support for IE is; NVDA is the opposite, working much better with FF than IE.

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Hello All:

This question will get into the technical weeds. I've been testing a few systems here at UCB with JAWS 15/I.E. 11 and NVDA (ver. 2014.4)/Firefox (ver. 35.01).

The one issue I came across which is causing confusion is that NVDA does not read the underscore "_" character out unless you're on the word and issue the spell command. The underscore "_" is used in a number of foreign language exams as a "fill in the blank line" placeholder. JAWS reads the "_" fine, repeating the character only 3 or so times. Even when I turn on punctuation in NVDA to read "_" always, it still will only read the characters when a spell command is issued.

Are either of you aware of this issue? Looking at the code I would judge the text with these characters accessible - yet NVDA seems to have a pretty hard time finding and reading these characters. Are you aware of an accessibility best practice that call for using something other than an underscore "_" for indicating a blank.

Also, noticed that JAWS doesn't seem to work well with FF or is that my lack of skill with JAWS? NVDA seems to work very well with Firefox - this is the only glitch I've come across.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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