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It looks a lot like the fonts they used in the book are not embedded in the
indesign file that they gave you. Have you tried opening the file on
another OS? For instance, if you opened it on a Mac OS, try opening it on a
Windows OS. The different OS platforms have different fonts included with
them. Thus, opening it on a different OS might allow indesign to chose a
more accurate font replacement.

ATN does have a issue resolution process, so you might try that to see if
you can get the file in a correctly rendered PDF version. Pearson is pretty
good at responding directly, too.


On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 1:44 PM, Maria Bohn <mbohn at bergen.edu> wrote:

> I JUST had the same experience. Unfortunately I do not have a solution but

> please share to the list if you get any.


> Thank you.


> Maria Bohn

> Resource Accommodations Specialist

> Office of Specialized Services

> Bergen Community College


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> Subject: [Athen] Kurzweil Question


> Hello all,


> I received a file from Pearson through ATN. The file print quality/format

> is in very bad shape (disconnected text, varying sizes, compressed words,

> etc). I did request a better copy but alas this is all they have. I don’t

> really have the capability to scan (I could but it would be one page at a

> time) so I’m drudging through it in Kurzweil and zone editing the

> underlying text. Does anyone have any suggestions on a different way to do

> this? I am the only one in my office who handles this stuff. This is the

> first time I’ve gotten a file in such bad shape. It is every page. I’ve

> attached one page as an example of the issue.


> Thanks in advance,



> Corinna Moore, NIC Advanced

> Interpreting Services Coordinator

> Cochise College





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