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How about using the google task scheduler, it will present a pop-up reminder

Also, I would like to add that in my opinion, 10 minutes is too long a
period to wait and save unless, the student is a SLOW typist. I have lost
lots of data when I forget to save in that time frame. - as in all AT, much
depends on the user. I would reconsider and calculate the amount of input
within a target time frame to determine the most efficient "SAVE" option.

How about using something like a MotivAider and have it vibrate at the
targeted time frames -the vibration is a subtle reminder to save?

Nettie's nickel

On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 10:54 AM, Russell Solowoniuk <SolowoniukR at macewan.ca

> wrote:

> Hi everyone,


> For exams where students are not allowed access to spell check and/or the

> thesaurus, we are having students use WordPad instead of Word.


> For the most part, this is working well, but we are concerned with the

> fact that WordPad does not have an auto-save feature like Word does, so in

> the event of a crash, the student will lose all his/her work.


> We remind students to save often, but sometimes, in the midst of exam

> anxiety, they forget.


> We are looking for an easy to use reminder program for Windows 7 that will

> pop up a message at a specified interval, say, every 10 minutes, to remind

> students to save their work.


> Is anyone using such a program?


> I've been searching the net and have found quite a fewsuggestions to use

> the Windows Task Scheduler, but my experiments with it have not worked so

> well.


> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


> Thanks,


> Russell




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