[Athen] Canvas LMS and MathML

Alexa Schriempf ats169 at psu.edu
Thu Feb 26 09:50:35 PST 2015

Hello Listers,

Please consider adding your vote to having Canvas LMS add MathML as a
supported feature.


Penn State is currently piloting Canvas by INstructure as possibly the next
LMS/CMS that we will support. There's a lot to be said for their
improvements on accessibility features; however, they aren't supporting
MathML for reasons having to do with the lack of consistent browser support
for MathML. Instead, they are relying on Latex and MathJax to display math,
and latex to be read by screenreaders. Math will be inputtable via mouse
point and click for those who don't know latex; for those who cannot use a
mouse, they are expected to learn latex.

Learning Latex is a good idea for anyone serious about math; but requiring
users to come to an LMS already knowing a code presumes that all math users
are fully literate in math. Moreoever, MathML is a WCAG standard, period.

Please vote "me too" to MathML in Canvas!

Thank you,

Alexa Schriempf, PhD
Access Tech Consultant
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