[Athen] Box.com accessibility

Patrick Burke burke at ucla.edu
Fri Jan 16 07:57:16 PST 2015

Hi Heidi,

Information approaching a year old, but I tested
Box with marginal success. The basic file copying
feature was screenreader-accessible, but none of
the share-with-other-users functions worked for
me. The entire help system was contained in
overlays that were not detected by screen readers.

Some of the plugins worked better (for MS Word &
Outlook, for example). They have a universe of
plugins, which is nice if you need to integrate
with a specific program. However if you get too
many of them, then you end up with a ton of
things all trying to autoupdate, etc...

I had zero luck with the Box iOS app, but that
may have been me/my old phone at the time.

I hope things have improved. Haven't heard anything that would indicate so...


At 07:01 AM 1/16/2015, Heidi Scher wrote:

>Happy semester to everyone!Â


>I recently was contacted by our IT department

>about Box.com. Has anyone tested accessibility

>with the web interface and the desktop sync? If

>so, I'm wondering what you may have discovered.

>Also, is the installation of the Box Sync accessible?


>Many thanks for any and all assistance!





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