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Wink Harner foreigntype at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 14:09:30 PST 2015


Forgive cross posting.

We are in the midst of a captioning project for one of our Deaf/HOH students at SOU, and out captionist ran into the following problem. We are wondering if this is a problem any of you may have run into, and would like to know what you have been able to do to resolve it.

The instructor sent 3 video links for this particular class to us for captioning. Our captionist, started on link #1 and got about 50% through the captioning when a pop up window appeared and required she open an account and provide Educational Portal with a credit card. None of the videos they post for use within their site for this class are captioned.

Anyone have any experience with having to caption videos for students through this company? Or any contacts within the company about their providing either access to their site to allow us to caption or better, their providing captioned videos?

Thanks in advance for any information or advice.

Wink Harner
foreigntype at gmail.com
harnerw at sou.edu

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