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Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at msu.edu
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64 bit is really the way to go in order to future proof yourself. There are already some software packages, such as current versions of Adobe Creative Suite, which will only run on 64 bit systems. The biggest downside to 64 bit is that you may lose driver support for some older devices, such as printers, scanners, etc. In our lab, we are running Windows 8.1 X64. The software we are using includes Jaws 16, NVDA, Zoomtext 10.1, and Kurzweil 3000 version 13. We have had no issues related to Windows 8.1 or the 64 bit environment.

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64 bit is fine, though Windows 8 can be a problem since the AT vendors have not been keeping up.

Ron Stewart

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Hi all!

We are getting ready to install a new Windows OS in our lab and are debating the pros and cons of 32-bit vs 64-bit. Any feedback on issues with AT if we go to 64-bit? We will be using the current versions of the programs. Thanks!

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