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Nazely Kurkjian kurkjian at binghamton.edu
Fri Jul 10 07:50:16 PDT 2015

Dear math wizard colleagues ~

What is the best way - text-to-speech wise - to accommodate a student with
a learning disability (not visually impaired, non-screen reader user) for a
math course/course with equations? I know we could provide alternate format
text descriptions for math formula images, but I'm exploring other ways to
create and/or deliver this alternate format.

Some things I've heard of or explored include: MathPlayer, Central Access
Reader, Chatty Infty, VoiceOver with plain MathML page in Safari...

In your experiences, has one of the above worked better than others, or is
easier to create, or use? What are your students happy using?

How do I acquire formats in MathML or LaTeX? Is that something I have to
create/convert, or do some publishers send this type of file? Several math
professors at our university have kindly sent me LaTeX files for books they
authored themselves.

I'm used to creating STEM Braille textbooks (using MS Word, MathType,
Duxbury, Tiger), not text-to-speech formats, so this is newer territory for
me. We also have a Kurzweil site license, and I believe Kurzweil can read
MathML, so this may also be an option.

Also, what have you done to accommodate students whose professors are using
MyMathLab-like e-learning platforms?

Many thanks in advance for your wisdom,

*Nazely Kurkjian*
*"Shame on us... If we let the wonders of educational technology and
broadband internet lead to more inequality as opposed to less"*

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Binghamton University
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