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Karen can you speak to how well the Chrome Wave tool works on non-Chrome environments. In my experience it does not provide the same experience outside the Chrome environment. In particular in Windows based AT.


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Hi Jessica,

The Chrome WAVE extension will work in your LMS (it's more up to date than the Firefox WAVE extension. )
We do automated and manual testing at our institution to check online courses against WCAG 2.0 AA standards. When we encounter interactive elements however (elements that normally would require input with a mouse), we have end users of assistive technologies do usability testing. Interactive objects are not easily tested with automated tools or by manual testers who are not native users of AT. We currently have experienced JAWS and VoiceOver end users do testing for us of these interactive objects. We would like to add a Dragon user and a keyboard only user to our team.

For our automated testing we use Sortsite and WAVE. But I just want to really stress that manual testing which we all realize is needed in addition to the automated testing, must actually include real end users. This is so often ignored, and I can tell you there really is no substitute. I'd be happy to share our testing process with anyone who is interested.



Karen M. Sorensen
Accessibility Advocate for Online Courses
Portland Community College

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