[Athen] Automated Server for OCR of Inaccessible PDF Files

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Hi all ATHENites,

Adding my 50 cent piece to the discussion: remember that Sensus Access, as
well as the AbbyyFineReader on-the-fly OCR conversion is for individuals
who need to have something (personal) converted on the fly, after hours and
so on. SA is not set up for large volume page (or whole book) conversion.
Neither is promoted as a substitute for the DR office alt text conversion
responsibilities by putting all of the conversion back on the students. The
AFR site license could be used by DR alt text employees working off-site
and logging in through an open portal to provide greater flexibility in
student worker hours and production management.

That said, both offer reasonably good OCR recognition and quick turnaround
for on-the-fly text-to-speech or quick Braille conversions. Giving the
students an additional tool to add to their access is a good thing for
everyone concerned.

Wink Harner
Accessibility & Adaptive Technology Consultant
The Foreign Type
On Jul 20, 2015 11:00 AM, "Ron" <ronrstewart at gmail.com> wrote:

> There is no replacement for the actual production program. I look at it as

> a stepping stone just as the Abbyy Server would be. Someone always may need

> to go in and do some or a lot of finishing work.


> Ron Stewart


> On Monday, July 20, 2015, Sheryl E. Burgstahler <sherylb at uw.edu> wrote:


>> We license SensusAccess for the University of Washington. Students with

>> disabilities are encouraged to consider using it when they want to quickly

>> create a somewhat accessible document on their own. It does not replace the

>> great services our Disability Resources for Students office provides to

>> students with disabilities registered there.

>> Sheryl

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>> On Jul 20, 2015, at 10:29 AM, Dimac, Marcie <mdimac at kent.edu> wrote:


>> Indeed! Thanks, Ron!

>> Marcie


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>> I would also take a look at Sensus Access http://www.sensusaccess.com. What

>> their service provides is very similar to what you would typically get out

>> of the Abbyy Server based product.


>> Both are highly dependent on the quality of your source materials.


>> Ron Stewart


>> On Monday, July 20, 2015, Dimac, Marcie <mdimac at kent.edu> wrote:

>> Afternoon all!


>> Our University has asked me to research purchasing a server based OCR

>> product that would allow end-users to upload an inaccessible PDF file that

>> would then be automatically OCRd and then sent back to the end user.


>> I’m speaking with Abbyy and am looking at their server recognition

>> product.


>> Does anyone have any feedback on using this product? Was it helpful in

>> getting faculty/staff on board with rendering already inaccessible

>> documents? Any info would be helpful at this point!


>> Cheers!


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