[Athen] Recent release of Google Forms and accessibility

Brenden Goetz Brenden.Goetz at du.edu
Mon Jun 1 14:42:52 PDT 2015

We have been using a Google form embedded on our website (www.du.edu/studentlife/disability-services/books.html) for alternate format requests for the past year or two. We have a few blind students who have been able to submit requests (using JAWS, WindowEyes, and potentially VoiceOver), and the only complaint I have received from any student is that the scroll bar on the form can be hard to find (there is a scroll bar for the whole page, of course, but also a scroll bar within the form - not the best design, I know). I'm not sure where this form falls in terms of any recent releases, but it has been working ok for us.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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Hi Folks,

Does anyone have experience regarding the accessibility of the recent release of Google Forms?

Comments and resources are welcome.
Thank you!


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