[Athen] Articulate Storyline alternatives?

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Hi Teresa and all:

I have been exploring and looking for alternatives as well. We have had some success with Captivate, but have found it to not be very scalable:

· The player is output with each tutorial/module, so it is time-consuming to keep things updated and uniform as new versions of Captivate are released. I’m not aware of a way to centrally manage the player that is used for Captivate output.

· Requires a lot of ongoing/repeated accessibility testing because of the range of versions that authors are using, output types (Flash, HTML5, or both), and output options.

· The CC support is somewhat more built-in and efficient than Storyline, but it still doesn’t support captions files like SRTs, so it is a manual process to sync the captions.

The best options right now from an accessibility and maintenance perspective seem to be :

· For tutorial (video) with no interactive pieces: Use a preferred video editor, screen capture utility, etc. and then post the finished product to your preferred streaming server (Youtube, Kaltura, etc.) so that the player(s) for the media can be managed centrally and standard workflows for creating CC can be used.

· For tutorials with interactive pieces, post the video segments from one project as separate embedded videos via preferred streaming server (same as above) and then use a preferred LMS or survey tool to deliver the interactive questions either in an embedded format or via a link.

I’d be interested in hearing what others are doing and trying as well, especially when interactive components are involved. I’m looking for a tool that designers like to use, that creates accessible content, that supports creating captions externally and then importing via a caption file, and that has output/players that can be centrally managed.


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We had the same problem with Storyline. Lectora was recommended, but I found that very cumbersome to use and expensive. I've switched over to Captivate because it is easier to use and train others on using. The price is also much better than Storyline or Lectora. Although, I am having some issues getting Captivate to allow keyboard navigation in FireFox.

I've also looked at Xerte. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as the others, but is accessible. I am looking for tools that are accessible and that we can afford to offer to all faculty. Has anyone else used Xerte or have any recommendations on it?


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>>> Teresa Haven <Teresa.Haven at nau.edu<mailto:Teresa.Haven at nau.edu>> 5/26/2015 6:19 PM >>>

Hi, all. I’m working with a developer who has been building tutorials in Articulate Storyline (Flash mode) for awhile. She wants to produce accessible tutorials, but despite AS’s claims of “508 Compliance” there’s no user education available, and despite her best efforts, her beta-stage tutorials don’t work at all with JAWS and barely function even part of the time with keyboard-only and vision. I’d like to suggest she change authoring tools completely, not only for accessibility but also so that she can produce content that can be accessed on a wider array of devices. What tool(s) would you recommend she investigate as alternatives to Articulate Storyline, and why?

Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom,

Teresa Haven, Ph.D.
Accessibility Analyst, Northern Arizona University

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