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A new blog on Web Accessibility in Research Libraries.


Greg Kraus
University IT Accessibility Coordinator
NC State University
gdkraus at ncsu.edu

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Subject: Blog on Web Accessibility in Research Libraries Launched by ARL
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Blog on Web Accessibility in Research Libraries Launched by ARL
by *Sarah McGhee* | *202-296-2296* | *accessibility at arl.org
<accessibility at arl.org>* | on *June 3, 2015*
[image: Kindle inside a Moleskine notebook (link to Web
Accessibility in Research Libraries blog)]
image CC-BY by Terry Madeley <https://t.e2ma.net/click/lj73h/xkgtwo/tt0ryc>
ARL’s Accessibility and Universal Design Working Group is pleased to
announce a new blog devoted to facilitating *Web Accessibility in Research
Libraries* <https://t.e2ma.net/click/lj73h/xkgtwo/9l1ryc>. The blog is an
enhancement of ARL’s Web Accessibility Toolkit
<https://t.e2ma.net/click/lj73h/xkgtwo/pe2ryc>, which aims to:

- *Promote* the principles of accessibility, universal design, and
digital inclusion.
- *Help* research libraries achieve digital accessibility.
- *Connect* research libraries with the tools, people, and examples they
need to provide accessible digital content.

The inaugural blog post, “Publishing Accessibly—Open Access and Your
Library as a ‘Publisher’ <https://t.e2ma.net/click/lj73h/xkgtwo/562ryc>,”
by ARL visiting program officer Katya Pereyaslavska, explores areas of
opportunity for libraries to participate in open access publishing, with a
focus on what libraries can do differently from other publishers.
Pereyaslavska concludes that “developing successful business cases for the
establishment of library publishing processes will enable libraries to
reclaim rightful ownership of information, assuming a leadership role in
information creation and dissemination and working towards the
de-‘magazinification’ of the web and towards building more sustainable
digital learning resources.”
Ed Van Gemert, chair of the ARL Accessibility and Universal Design Working
Group and vice provost for libraries and university librarian at University
of Wisconsin–Madison, said, “The working group is delighted to offer this
new feature of the ARL Web Accessibility Toolkit. We hope the blog will
stimulate discussion of accessibility issues in the research library
community and we encourage individuals to share their ideas and knowledge
by contributing posts to the blog.”
Future blog topics might include:

- Accessibility audits
- Online learning
- Special projects of interest

If you are interested in contributing a blog post, send e-mail to
accessibility at arl.org.
Subscribe to the RSS feed for ARL’s *Web Accessibility in Research
Libraries* blog <https://t.e2ma.net/click/lj73h/xkgtwo/lz3ryc>.
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