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There is a feature in PowerPoint that you can use to make an element invisible.

To make a slide element visible or invisible in the presentation

1. Select the HOME tab

2. In the Editing group, select Select and Selection Pane. This toggles the visibility of the Selection Pane on and off.

3. Select the eye icon next to the object to toggle between visible and invisible

This feature can also be used to change the read order of the elements on a slide.

1. Click on each item in the Selection Pane to view the corresponding objects

2. Verify that objects make sense when read from bottom to top of the Selection Pane

3. Use the up and down arrow buttons to change the reading order as necessary


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What's the solution for PowerPoint text (usually added via text boxes) that appear in the visual slide view but not in the outline view. Some resources suggest copying the text from the visual view into the outline but this results in double appearance of text.

Thanks in advance.



Howard Kramer

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