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Howard Kramer hkramer at ahead.org
Wed Jun 17 13:31:34 PDT 2015

Hello All:

I've been searching the Web for Accessible Multiple Select using two select
Multiples (also know as option transfer). Hopefully I haven't lost you all
by this point. In other words, a select multiple where your selections get
transferred to another Multiple Select (I know, much clearer). This is
sometimes used in lieu of a drag and drop.

Ryan Cramer suggests using the jQuery ASMSELECT plugin. He has a
demonstration and explanation of it at
http://www.ryancramer.com/journal/entries/select_multiple/. Go about
halfway down the page under the ASMSELECT heading.

Is there a best practice or best solution on this issue. Note I looked on
Paul J. Adam's site where I often find solutions to these types of widget
issues but couldn't find anything.

Thanks in advance.


Howard Kramer
Conference Coordinator
Accessing Higher Ground
cell: 720-351-8668

AHEAD Association of Higher Education and Disability
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