[Athen] FYI: known issue with Blackboard exams and Kurzweil

Thompson, Rachel rsthompson2 at ua.edu
Thu Mar 26 07:21:40 PDT 2015

Hi, all.

I’m one of the Bb admins for my institution and just saw a 3/25 announcement that Blackboard exam content cannot be read by Kurzweil. This applies to the several most recent versions of Blackboard Learn. This may be something you have dealt with before, but in case not, I wanted to share. If you know of workarounds or other issues, please share.

Kurzweil Reader Software Having Issues with Multiple Choice Test
Date Published: Mar 25,2015 Category:Version:9.1 SP13 (9.1.130093.0),9.1 SP14 (9.1.140152.0),Learn April 2014 (9.1.201404.160205),Learn October 2014 (9.1.201410.160373),Learn April 2015
Article No.: 000040281
Product: Blackboard Learn 9.1
Service Pack: 9.1 SP13 (9.1.130093.0), 9.1 SP14 (9.1.140152.0), Learn April 2014 (9.1.201404.160205), Learn October 2014 (9.1.201410.160373), Learn April 2015
Issue Description: Kurzweil Software is unable to read anything on the screen when you click begin to take a Test

Steps to Replicate:

1.Logon Blackboard Learn
2.Navigate into a Course
3.Go to Content area containing the Quizzes
4.Open the quizzes
5.Once open, Kurzweil read the Instructions, Description, and other Instructor-set options (e.g. timer, etc) > Ensure the Read Mode is set to 'Continuous' in the Kurzweil Reader
6.Click Begin Test > Kurzweil was unable to read anything on the screen.


Dr. Rachel S. Thompson
Director, Emerging Technology and Accessibility
Center for Instructional Technology
University of Alabama

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