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Jennifer Sutton jsuttondc at gmail.com
Wed May 6 11:31:59 PDT 2015

Perhaps I am missing something, but while general
information is useful, to a point, wouldn't it
also be important to include resources for each platform?

I mean, having pointers to specific
documentation about what's required for Canvas,
EdX, Sakai, Moodle, Blackboard, and so on and so
forth would be very valuable. And I mean pointers
to the most current documentation.

In other words, I'm thinking both of what each
faculty member needs to do, on a particular
platform, in addition to what
developers/implementers of the platform need to
do to both encourage (and when possible assure)
that best practices are followed.

In my experience, WCAG 2.0 only takes us so far
with learning applications/platforms...

Has ATHEN, or have other schools, pulled together such a resource set?

So as not to present a problem, without
contributing to its solution, here is what I have
handy, but even what I'm posting here isn't
entirely what I'm imagining, and though I've
tried to clear out dead links and info that seems
old to me, even mine may not be up-to-date. See links below my name.

I mention this topic partly because some of the
resources at DoIT are looking a little dated to
me -- a lot has changed on the Web since 2002.
That's absolutely not meant to be a criticism! We
all can only do what we can, based on available
resources -- human and financial. And I skimmed
very quickly . . . so I may accidentally have
repeated some of what's there on the DoIT page.


Links are not in a particular order:

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[from 2013 -- Thanks, Hadi, and all contributors.]

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[posted in February of 2013]

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