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Not assuming anything, just calling it as I see it. With extensive
experience in this area of information processing I am not sure what the
point of the product is. Over the years there have been several companies
that have come up and proposed "better" ways to read. Almost all of which
have been based on questionable research, not sure if this is the case here,
but without the ability to look at the research behind their premise I am
going to have to remain highly skeptical.

Ron Stewart

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Gaeir, Ron, and all:

I don't have further details about this tool in any official capacity, so
I'd recommend following up with these folks directly with your questions.
Perhaps if someone does, they can share more official info here.

Ron, rather than assuming the worst (and a trajecotry for which I, at least,
don't have evidence), as perhaps you are, I'd rather suggest that they *did*
get constructive feedback from what you imagine to be their target audience,
but which they did not initially imagine to be who the productwould serve.

As it happens, Gaeir, they're here in the Bay Area (maybe Palo Alto
-- not sure)

I just happened to meet one of the staff at a local Meetup last night. And
apparently, they did attend CSUN.

As for their intended audience, what I understood is that their intended
audience is actually everyone, not necessarily people with print-reading
disabilities. They're exploring the wide range of folks that'd fall into
that group as more of a secondary audience, based on positive responses from
some folks with print-reading disabilities who indicated that they found the
product of help.

That's all I've got -- just sharing info.
I'm certainly *not* their intended audience.


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