[Athen] installing AT on Surface Pro 3

Patrick Burke burke at ucla.edu
Fri May 8 11:21:04 PDT 2015

Hi Susan,

I haven't done this yet, but am planning to soon, in ... July?...

I have the word from Sweetman Systems
thatJaws+Surface is possible, using, for example,
the Logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard.

As with most setups these days, the trick is to
configure the function keys to behave like
standard function keys. There's a utility from
Logitech to do the necessary remap.

the Type Cover for the Surface is also an option.
Here again, function keys need to be switched to
old-fashioned mode (using FN+CAPSLOCK).
Apparently the FN & Right Shift keys are in
non-standard locations, so beware of that.


At 09:47 AM 5/8/2015, Susan Gjolmesli wrote:

>Hi Dan. Have you, or has anyone installed Jaws

>and can a standard keyboard then be plugged

>in to use the keystrokes used to navigate with JAWS?




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>Good stuff, Doug.


>I too was able to install NatSpeak Pro on a

>Surface Pro. Rather than trying to deal with an

>external optical drive, I created a .ISO file

>from the install media on a different computer

>and then transferred that to the target machine,

>mounted it as a drive using Virtual CloneDrive,

>and installed from there. This approach works

>very well for a number of applications, and

>you'll find that it's a faster experience

>because you're not dealing with the limited speed of a mechanical device.


>I also recommend using a USB microphone to

>overcome any limitations of the sound card on the Surface.


>-*- Dan


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