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Perhaps these need element tags - ARIA tags

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On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 10:18 AM, Teresa Haven <Teresa.Haven at nau.edu> wrote:

> I’ve had a strange situation arise with a new web app that my

> institution is attempting to develop. We are still in the beta stage so the

> site isn’t public, but we’ve noticed that even though the developer has

> included appropriate H tags for structure, they aren’t all being perceived

> by either AT or various A11y checking tools. When I have JAWS present me

> with a list of headers on the page, I get one lonely H5 tag. When I have

> WAVE check the outline, I am told I have one H1, a small handful of H3s,

> and one H4. In the code for the page from the user agent perspective we can

> see one H1, a couple of H2s, a LOT of H3s, and a couple each of H4 and H5 –

> which is what the developer used in the design. We are using JAWS 14 and 15

> for testing, IE11 with JAWS, and Firefox 36 with WAVE. The app is not using

> HTML5, although it is using some Angular. Does anyone have any ideas for

> why our AT and tools aren’t perceiving the H tags that we are seeing in the

> code?




> Thanks for any troubleshooting suggestions you might have,


> Teresa




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