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Joseph Sherman Joseph.Sherman at cuny.edu
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According to the January 2014 WebAIM survery, more than half of screen reader users were using IE.

When I reach a page in IE 11, using TAB goes: address bar, refresh button, Tab chooser, Home button, favorites bar, Page Content.

Using FireFox goes: Page Content.

I know there are ways to limit this a little, like F6, refreshing, removing toolbars. However, when I test as a non-screen reader user who can only use a keyboard, IE becomes very tedious.

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I thought Internet Explorer was only used to download Chrome and Firefox...

Ok, enough "humor"

In IE 11, I need about three tab presses to get into page content. I find that if I reload the page, the focus will go immediately to top of page on first tab press.

Are you running any plugins?

-*- Dan

On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 11:17 AM, Joseph Sherman <Joseph.Sherman at cuny.edu<mailto:Joseph.Sherman at cuny.edu>> wrote:
I am having an annoying issue when I am using Internet Explorer without a mouse. On page loads, I press TAB to navigate. The focus shifts to the address bar, then icons, then favorites bar. On the sixth TAB the focus finally goes to the web page. This happens on almost every web site.

When I use FireFox or Chrome, the first TAB after a page load goes right to web page content. What seems to be happening is that Internet Explorer puts focus on the end of a page after it loads, thus first TAB wraps to address bar, while FireFox and Chrome correctly put focus on top of page after load.

If this is just me, am I doing something wrong? If not, is this a bug in Internet Explorer? It makes using Internet Explorer without a mouse for tests a real hassle.


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