[Athen] ATHEN Annual Meeting

Sun Nov 1 16:50:06 PST 2015

Hello Sean,

First I want to thank you for you post-CAPED email. And with respect to the ATHEN meeting, is discussing the challenges related to adopting accessible instructional resources an appropriate topic?

Best, Ellen
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Hello all,

The ATHEN Annual Meeting is next month at the 2015 Accessing Higher Ground Conference. The Annual Meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 18 at 6:30PM in the Westin Westminster hotel.

We will know the exact location as we move closer to the conference date and send out notifications via email. We will also post notices regarding the specific location of the Annual Meeting.

I am still open to topics for the agenda. Please contact me if you would like to have a specific topic addressed at the meeting - http://athenpro.org/content/athen-annual-meeting-2015

Take care,
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