[Athen] Screen Mirroring for VI students

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Todd offered a great option. Adobe Connect is a great platform. But correct with it not being cheap.
I have used two screen sharing platforms in previous semesters. One is called Screen Leap. It has a free version that offers educators (with .edu email address) a maximum of 2 hours of free use. Another option that is completely free is Join.me. Join.me doesn't have any time limits. Both are web base or have mobile apps for tablets. I would strongly suggest trying out one of these two services.


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I've been using Adobe Connect for this purpose with students for a number of years now with good feedback from students and faculty. It's fairly straight forward if everything is already displayed from the instructor's computer (PPT, web pages, video, etc.). But, I've also set it up to share what is on the document camera.

An Adobe Connect license isn't particularly cheap, even with a campus contract with Adobe. But, it makes things pretty slick for faculty and students (e.g. who arrives first doesn't matter, there is no calling/answering) and it addresses common concerns (e.g. can restrict who can access the screen share by limiting permissions, student can't control or annotate on the professors screen). Videos display at a reduce frame rate, but are better than other solutions I have tried and the resolution is good. Students report that seeing them up close is useful even with the slower frame rate. I haven't yet found these features in a free or low cost option, so the cost has been worth it. In general, issues that have been reported over time with Adobe Connect accessibility have not affected the users who are using it for this purpose.

Adobe Connect reliability has been good over time, but recently there were two outages in a week that lasted about an hour. My recommendation is that whatever option you use that Ethernet is a requirement for the faculty (which can be a struggle to find or get faculty to use consistently) as the host of the screen share and is very much preferred for the student.

I see in the description that with Splashtop students can annotate. I assume this could be controlled by the faculty. Otherwise, based on feedback from faculty that I get, that would be a big concern.

Todd Schwanke

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Hello ATHEN'ers!

We have some VI students who are having difficulty seeing the PowerPoints on the board and I have been looking into Splashtop Classroom. The hope is that the student can view the instructor's PowerPoint and other computer projected material on their iPad, laptop, etc. Here is the website for the product: http://www.splashtop.com/classroom

Any recommendations for such a goal? Any information on the accessibility of Splashtop Classroom?


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