[Athen] Works Card Program Management (Bank of America Merrill Lynch ) for Low Vision User

Yurkovich, Cynthia Ann cyurko at udel.edu
Thu Oct 15 12:59:40 PDT 2015

I wanted to see if anyone could recommend software or other tools to assist a low vision user to navigate columns in Works (this is a Bank of America Merrill Lynch product used for credit card program management). We have an employee who needs to read words in at least a 70 point font. Previous attempts to use Zoom Text with Works have not been ideal. Thus, we are interested to know if anyone has had a similar issue with Works and suggestions on how to best accommodate the employee who needs to use this software for the essential duties of her job.
All suggestions for help would be appreciated.

Cyndi Yurkovich
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Office of Disability Support Services
University of Delaware
Office: 302-831-4643
Email: Cyurko at udel.edu<mailto:Cyurko at udel.edu>

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