[Athen] Remote CART Microphones

Jeffrey Dell jeffreydell99 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 12:48:54 PDT 2015

We have used the XTag mics for the past few years for remote
captioning and got really good results. Unfortunately the latest
generation of the XTag mics have had battery life issues where the
batteries needed to be replaced out of the box. I have also heard
from other people that have used the XTag mics with replaceable
batteries that they don't last anywhere near as long. I'm looking to
replace my XTag mics but cannot find anything close to them in how
they function or ease of use. I'm looking at some desktop options
like the Blue Snowball mics. Desktop mics may not be as good as lapel
mics in large lecture rooms.
Has anyone found options for lapel mics other than the XTab for use in
remote captioning? Any other suggestions for microphones?
thank you,

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