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Robert Beach rbeach at KCKCC.EDU
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That is part of my confusion. Is there a difference between Office 2016 and Office 365? One article I read makes it sound like maybe Office 365 is a bit more accessible than Office 2016. This didn't seem to be the case on the Windows side last I checked.


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Hi Robert,
Really the only version to even consider is the latest version, 2016. Prior versions had major voiceover accessibility issues. For example in Word, all the controls and menus read, but the screen reader was unable to detect any text in the text editing area. 2016 is the first version that has attempted to address these issues. I haven't tried it yet myself; but from what I've heard, it's working relatively well. Having said that though, I wouldn't be surprised if accessibility is still a bit rough around the edges as compared to the polished experience users would get with the Windows version. I'm not sure if 2016 can be purchased as standalone software, or whether it is currenly only available as part of the Office 365 offering.

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