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Hi folks,

I wanted to let you know about 3Play Media's upcoming webinars that some of
you might be interested in.

Attendance is free, just register online. The information is below and
please let me know if you have any questions.


[image: logo]Upcoming Webinars: Tips for Testing Website Accessibility,
Creating Accessible Online Courses, & MoreOver the next few months, we will
be holding several webinars that will provide tips for creating accessible
online content. You can register using the links below to learn about
testing for website accessibility, creating accessible online course
content, understanding closed captioning standards, implementing universal
design, making lecture capture accessible, and developing workflows for
closed captioning.[image: 3Play Media | Upcoming Webinars]

[image: 11 ½ Free Tools for Testing Website Accessibility]
<http://pages.3playmedia.com/O0X0h6ZO0300JUf00Q0713D>*11 ½ Free Tools for
Testing Website Accessibility
*Thursday, October 1, 2pm ET*

In this webinar, David Berman, the #1 rated speaker on the topic of web
accessibility standards as well as an international expert in the field,
will share with you the best tools his team uses when auditing and testing
websites and documents. Having an excellent test regimen is a crucial part
of online accessibility, and David has found the best tools to fit your
workflow, platforms, and competencies… so you don’t have to!
Register Now >> <http://pages.3playmedia.com/O0X0h6ZO0300JUf00Q0713D>

[image: 10 Tips for Creating Accessible Online Course Content]
<http://pages.3playmedia.com/y1XU3ZhJ070fOD106R00030>*10 Tips for Creating
Accessible Online Course Content
*Thursday, October 8, 2pm ET*

With recent lawsuits in higher education and updates to Section 508 on the
horizon, it is more important than ever that online learning content be
made accessible to students with disabilities. In this webinar, Janet
Sylvia, Web Accessibility Group Leader and Web Accessibility Trainer, will
provide you with 10 tips for making your online course material accessible.
Register Now >> <http://pages.3playmedia.com/y1XU3ZhJ070fOD106R00030>

[image: Understanding Closed Captioning Standards and Guidelines]
<http://pages.3playmedia.com/V3DS0007X10O300Uf6Zh2J0>*Understanding Closed
Captioning Standards and Guidelines
*Thursday, October 22, 2pm ET*

In this webinar, Jason Stark from the Described and Captioned Media Program
(DCMP) and Cindy Camp from Pepnet 2 will go over DCMP’s captioning
guidelines and preferred techniques that will help you produce captions
that are accurate, consistent, clear, readable, and equal.
Register Now >> <http://pages.3playmedia.com/V3DS0007X10O300Uf6Zh2J0>

[image: Implementing Universal and Inclusive Design for Online Learning
Accessibility] <http://pages.3playmedia.com/z0Z337f0006DJ3X1UhT0O00>*Implementing
Universal and Inclusive Design for Online Learning Accessibility
*Thursday, November 5, 2pm ET*

This webinar will discuss how the principles of universal and inclusive
design can be applied to the online learning environment, with a particular
focus on the accessibility of course content and materials.
Register Now >> <http://pages.3playmedia.com/z0Z337f0006DJ3X1UhT0O00>

[image: How to Implement Accessible Lecture Capture]
<http://pages.3playmedia.com/p0600U01UO0Z04JD7f0h3X3>*How to Implement
Accessible Lecture Capture
*Thursday, December 3, 2pm ET*

In this webinar, Christopher Soran, the Interim eLearning Director at
Tacoma Community College, along with Ari Bixhorn from Panopto and Lily Bond
from 3Play Media, will discuss how you can implement accessible lecture
capture at your university. Looking at Tacoma's workflow, they will walk
you through an efficient, cost-effective way to manage closed captioning
for lecture capture at a university level.
Register Now >> <http://pages.3playmedia.com/p0600U01UO0Z04JD7f0h3X3>

[image: Quick Start to Captioning]
<http://pages.3playmedia.com/CDh00V05f0XU0J733Z01O06>*Quick Start to
Captioning <http://pages.3playmedia.com/CDh00V05f0XU0J733Z01O06>*
*Thursday, December 10, 2pm ET*

Watch this webinar to learn the basics of how to add closed captions to
online video to make it fully accessible, searchable, and SEO-friendly.
This webinar covers Section 508 and ADA accessibility compliance, creation
of closed captions, explanation of caption formats and video player
compatibility, as well as an overview of automated workflows and
integration with lecture capture and video platforms.
Register Now >> <http://pages.3playmedia.com/CDh00V05f0XU0J733Z01O06>
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