[Athen] JAWS reading Math equations element-by-element.

Cassie Kilroy Thompson mthomps2 at umbc.edu
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I don't have an answer to your question but I believe the issue has been
discussed on the BlindMath list hosted by NFB - see


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On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 8:28 AM, Khaleel Eksheir <Khaleel.Eksheir at uncc.edu>

> Hello,


> I have a student who is legally blind and doing a Master Degree in Math.

> We convert Math textbooks (MS word files) for the student using MathType,

> and we publish to MathML "HTML +MathML +MathJax" settings. The final result

> is an "htm"" file which the student opens using IE 11 with MathPlayer 4

> plugin installed.


> The student uses JAWS to navigate the published Math file. When running

> JAWS to read all the equation (Insert Down-Arrow), it reads the equation

> accurately. We had difficulty making JAWS read element-by-element of the

> equation even if (Ctrl Right-arrow) were pressed. The only way to allow

> JAWS read element-by-element is by clicking on the "Enter" key. This opens

> an equation window. The student then clicks (Ctrl Right-arrow) keys to read

> element-by-element. But when doing so, JAWS skips some important functions

> such as the square root, so it doesn't say square root, but jumps to the

> content of the square root. This happens especially if the equation is a

> square root of a square root.


> I was wondering if anybody came across such issues, and how it was solved?

> How to read the equation element-by-element? What would be the best

> practice when using MathType? Is there any other tool that was tested and

> would work? The student is doing a Master Degree in Math, and the Math

> books are full of equations. The student is having difficulties capturing

> all the information when JAWS say it all at once; therefore, reading

> element-by-element is the only way to understand the formulas.


> Thanks,

> Khaleel



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