[Athen] Versatile adjustable furniture (tables and chairs) for classrooms?

Todd Schwanke todd.schwanke at wisc.edu
Mon Apr 25 09:46:29 PDT 2016

I am looking for suggestions of brand/model of chairs and adjustable tables for classrooms that you have found to work particularly well for a range of students.

* For chairs we are looking for options without casters and with/without arm rests.

* For tables we are looking for adjustable options: 1) for tables that will remain in classrooms and 2) for tables that will be moved in and out of classrooms (e.g. smaller discussion classrooms with tablet arm chairs) as needed.

* In both cases we are looking for models/sizes that meet the needs of most students and that work in a variety of classrooms so that we can standardize and reduce the number of different models/sizes that we need to stock.

Todd Schwanke
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