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Greetings from the Accessibility Engineering Team here at Google! As part of our efforts to make Google products more accessible, we conduct paid research sessions with users with all types of disabilities. We conduct studies both in-person at our offices in SF and NYC, as well as remotely via video or phone. Users who are selected for and complete our study sessions are generally compensated at $125 an hour, paid out in gift cards that are redeemable at a wide variety of retailers around the country.

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in signing up for a study and testing our products, please visit this link <https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zKw9fqFKx7FgOaOA-GP5m-6LvGM_HDkBH36FpbFExt8/viewform?entry.1840504930&entry.767183713&entry.56281283&entry.2035380197&entry.1567833329&entry.1093159374&entry.1787236126=CSUN2016> . Anyone who signs up at this site will be notified of upcoming research studies that are a match for his or her unique user profile. The link above is shareable, so please feel free to forward this email along to anyone with a disability who you feel may be interested!

Don't have a disability, but still interested in testing Google products? Please sign up here <http://www.google.com/usability/> .

If you are not interested in receiving future notifications for our studies, please let me know directly. You may contact me at ahertell at google.com with any questions or concerns regarding our user research program. Additional information on our current projects involving accessibility may be found at google.com/accessibility.

**In case the signup hyperlink above does not work, here is the entire address: (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zKw9fqFKx7FgOaOA-GP5m-6LvGM_HDkBH36FpbFExt8/viewform?entry.1840504930 <https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zKw9fqFKx7FgOaOA-GP5m-6LvGM_HDkBH36FpbFExt8/viewform?entry.1840504930&entry.767183713&entry.56281283&entry.2035380197&entry.1567833329&entry.1093159374&entry.1787236126=CSUN2016> &entry.767183713&entry.56281283&entry.2035380197&entry.1567833329&entry.1093159374&entry.1787236126=CSUN2016)

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